Travelling to Quebec City in Canada

One of a wonderful country with many popular vacations centers , Canada with the its capital is Quebec City which is special due to its location and the environment it offers to its many visitors with many outdoor activities. Being the  largest province of Canada with many barren and thinly populated areas, Quebec allows you to spend more time with nature away from the din of the maddening crowd, also gives a great escape away from the city life to find peace and tranquility among its vast stretches of barren but beautiful landscape. The most memorable thing about the city is that it is popularly called The Land of Contrasts.


Summer is the best time to visit this city of historical and economical importance. During this time you get an average temperature of 79 degrees and will be pleasantly cool with some rainfall.

With this pleasant climate you will be more tempted to wander the cobble stoned streets of the old city, climb on the mountains nearby or simply go for shopping, dining or watching people around you.


You have a variety of activities to indulge in and there are many interesting places to visit while you are in Quebec City. For nature lovers there are many parks and wild life areas. The Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier is the perfect place for such outdoor activities as hiking, mini-rafting, canoeing, and yes, moose watching. Both the Portneuf and the Laurentians Wildlife Reserves are another wild escape that will help you get the feeling of with the nature with an opportunity for hunting, fishing or relaxing in the comforts of the camp or at a cabin.


Or if you are keen on bird watching you can go to tidal marshes in the Côte-de-Beaupré region.

If you happen to be here during the spring you can see thousands of snow geese gathering here. For more outdoor fun you can take a trip to the shores of Lac Saint-Joseph known for its summer outdoor activities like swimming, climbing, and canoeing. While in the winter you can have the activities like snowshoeing, ice fishing and dog sledging, etc


For the history and art freaks, Quebec City offers many interesting places like the 4.6 kilometers of walled fortifications around Old Quebec, or the Artillery Park where you will be welcomed by people in 17th and 18th century clothes to defensive buildings, or walk round the "Gibraltar of the Americas" on Cape Diamond. You can also see the Royal 22e Regiment Museum. The multimedia exhibition that helps you relive the city's history can be seen at the Odyssey and you can also visit the wonderful Battlefields Park.


Quebec City is a rare combination of an ancient history and a modern metropolis that offers something for everyone who comes to stay in this great city. With all of these interesting places to visit you will find that Quebec City provides you with a fabulous vacation destination. So the next time you are in the mood for a relaxing holiday you should remember the beauty and wonderful places that you can visit while you are in this jewel of Canada.


Flights to Canada ? A Paradise on Earth

Canada is a wonderful holiday destination! The friendly ambience and boundless variety of attractions make this country an amazing hub for all sorts of holidaymakers. This is the reason why millions of travellers look for airlines offering cheap air tickets to travel this striking holiday destination. Listed below are the top five attractions in Canada that are considered as the benchmark for the city’s mounting status of tourism hub.

Niagara Falls

The travellers booking flights to Canada never miss an opportunity to visit Niagara Hills – a heaven on earth. The scenic beauty and the roaring sound of the cascading waters bestow remarkable memories that linger in the mind of the tourists forever. This fabulous waterfall is one big reason for the development of tourism industry in Ontario, Canada.

The Skyline Tower of the Niagara Falls is a wonderful place to view the beautiful landscapes of the country.

The revolving restaurant situated at the top of the tower rotates 360-degrees once in an hour and offer charismatic bird’s eye views. The place is just perfect to enjoy an evening with friends.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park, being the largest city park in Canada, is an ideal place to enjoy a picnic with your friends and family. The incredible beauty of this park is breathtaking and tempts travellers to book flights to Canada. The main attractions of the park include a bicycle route, unusual rainforest, striking sandy beaches, Vancouver Aquarium Children's Farmyard, tennis courts, putting course, a children's water park, beachside swimming pool and many others. The visitors never forget to bring their cameras along with them to click some impressive photographs in the scenic landscapes of the park.

CN Tower

CN Tower is the tallest freefalling structure in the world with a height of 533 meters in total. Millions of travellers browse for cheap flights to Canada to visit this hard-to-miss landmark. Climbing this marvellous structure in a glass elevator bestow a heavenly feel to the visitors. Moreover, the 360 degrees revolving restaurant at the top of the tower flaunts incredible bird’s eye views of the country and the adjacent areas. The travellers booking cheap flights to Canada are advised to make advance reservation at the CN tower to avoid overflowing restaurants.

Banff National Park

Situated in Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park is a fantastic natural park. Millions of adventure enthusiasts visit the place to indulge in activities like camping, hiking, biking, skiing and fishing. The Park features two resorts - Banff and Lake Louise that are highly popular among the visitors due to an array of deluxe rooms, restaurants and shops. The place is best to chill out away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend leisure holidays with loved ones.

Canada: New Tact Belligerent For Cybercrime

Canada is becoming a new breeding ground for cyber criminals, according to a report obtained by the Financial Post. According to the report by the cyber security company, Canada's reputation as a law abiding country is making it a preferred location from which to launch cyber attacks, with Canada ranking No. 6 worldwide among countries hosting cybercrime, up from 13th place last year.

In the past year, the number of .ca servers hosting phishing sites increased by 319% . This tremendous increase over the last 12 months is second only to Egypt in terms of the growth of sites hosting crimeware. Canada now sits just behind the United States globally in the number of servers hosting phishing sites, ahead of Germany, U.K. and France.

"And Egypt obviously came from pretty much nowhere, so it is easy for it to have a higher percentage increase," said Patrik Runald, senior security research manager.

"In all the other western countries like the U.S., France, the U.K. and Germany the number of servers are going down, whereas in Canada, for some reason, it is going up."

Canada also experienced a 53% increase in bot networks, or automated hacking networks, the only country that showed an increase in botnets over the past eight months.

Dan Hubbard, a chief technology officer, said it’s difficult to ascertain the reason behind the marked change in Canada’s threat landscape, but it may be related to the recent crackdown on cyber criminals in the U.S. organized at the federal government level. Also, hackers are probably on the move as IP addresses in China and Eastern Europe have recently undergone intense scrutiny.

The sort of attacks originating from Canada aren’t any different from what they may be in another country, said Hubbard. That said, the only difference, geography-wise, is cyber crime targeted at the banking sector. “You’re not going to go after a Russian bank in Canada,” said Hubbard. And, while cybercrime itself has not changed much across the years, Hubbard said it’s the level of sophistication that is different over time.

Just as some travellers like to tack a Canadian flag onto their knapsacks to take advantage of this country's reputation as a global good guy, the cybercriminals want to lull security systems and computers users into thinking their traffic is coming from Canada. Runald said often security systems automatically block traffic from suspect sources, but traffic from Canada isn't regarded as being in that category.

He said Canada's reputation as a safe place to do business, combined with its Internet infrastructure and high available bandwidth, makes this country a desirable hosting location. The shift doesn't mean cybercriminals are moving to Canada. The masterminds behind the cyber attacks infiltrate legitimate computers, both those of individuals and company servers, that give them a base from which to carry out their work.

In March, Symantec’s March 2011 MessageLabs Intelligence Report found that, in Canada, spam accounted for 79.4% of e-mail received, and malware accounted for 1 in 160.1 e-mails, according to the March 2011 MessageLabs Intelligence Report by Symantec Corp.

While the figures are a tad higher than the global spam rate, trends in Canada’s threat landscape have consistently followed rather closely the global rate, said Paul Wood, senior analyst for MessageLabs Intelligence with the Cupertino, California-based security vendor.

It is evident that government departments and organizations need to take proper measures to safeguard their network security to prevent cyber intrusions. One proven way to mitigate information security risks is through technical security training that will enhance the skills proficiency of the cyber security workforce. EC-Council has launched the Center of Advanced Security Training (CAST), to address the deficiency of technically proficient information security professionals.

Additionally, the all-new EC-Council CAST Summit series is also created to make advanced information security training opportunities available for information security professionals across the globe. It will be the excellent platform for any IT security professionals to acquire cutting edge skills by embarking on the CAST workshops, or further enhance their IT security knowledge by attending the one-day seminar.

The 3 days CAST Summit workshop covering current and important security topics such as penetration testing, application security, cryptography, network defense and mobile forensics training, and allows for participants to actually learn, and not just listen or be rushed through a short presentation like how it’s like in many other events or conference. All of these IT security trainings will only conducted by appointed EC-Council Master Trainers, some of whom are authors of the respective trainings.

What Things To Do And See In Victoria, Canada

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, Canada and is found right on the tip of Vancouver Island. Victoria is also on the list of oldest cities in Canada and downtown Victoria is known for a few of the most beautiful buildings in Canada. One example is, British Columbia Parliament Buildings and the Empress hotel might be over 100 years old. Well over 344,000 people call the metropolis home but also in the past decade, the population has risen by as much as 20,000 per year.

Things to see and how to proceed through tourist season…
If you're goning to visit the city, just remember to find a room in a hotel in downtown Victoria. Going for walks is a free and easy approach to discover the downtown vicinity as well as locating good established Victoria hotels could be a blessing. Apart from walking, tourists can even choose the neighborhood bus system or hire a bike much like the locals to look around the city.

Victoria is a magnificent place to have a look at early in the year and Summer. Though, many local tourists check out the city by car. In case you are driving a motor vehicle down, you ought to book reservations at local Victoria hotels. It is specifically accurate during Fridays and also Saturdays once the city gets filled with locals from Vancouver and connecting cities. Normally ferries can hold you from the mainland to the island city but costs may perhaps increase in case you are getting your car with you. To enjoy the city best, leave your car behind and find the ferry to Victoria. Journeying in the city is definitely effortless with bikes or local buses. Must see tourist attractions range from the following-

Parks and gardens - A large choice of parks and gardens you could easily reach by walking. As an example, the Beacon Hill Park is among the most well known. The garden is distributed out over 185 acres and is exceptionally visitor friendly with gardens, gazebos, manicured gardens, petting zoos and several types of tropical birds and also plants that are housed in discreet enclosures. The children's petting zoo is a wonderful point of interest for young children and is also open through the entire year. The garden also plays host to a number of outdoor shows as well as light festivals. Yet another equally preferred garden is definitely the Butchart Gardens which can be also centrally located. Throughout fun events, the garden is lit up with fireworks. Some other must see gardens range from the Undersea Gardens, Victoria Bug Zoo, Abkhazi Gardens and Miniature World

Harbor sports and hiking - Victoria harbor is really a popular destination for big and small boats. Boating companies coordinate many watersports such as whale watching, skiing, boating etc. Harbor tours may also be possible where smaller boats can take passengers throughout the harbor to have an off-shore view of the city. Travelers will enjoy hiking and walking inside the city and around the city through well-maintained camping and hiking trails. As an example, from the Inner Harbor, tourists can walk down in either direction to Dallas Road or maybe the Blue Bridge to enjoy the neighborhood trees and landscaping. Victoria has also been referred to as as the City of Gardens with attractive plants as well as trees displayed across the avenues. The Westsong Walkway is an extremely enjoyable because it has sights distributed over the Inner Harbor and Port Angeles.

Culture - Downtown Victoria is chock-a-block along with period architectural structures, art galleries, theaters, museums, craft fairs etc. If you're able to find a better hotel in downtown Victoria, just remember to book a room right away. The downtown area is full of clubs, bars, restaurants and street performances that come alive at night time. As an example, the Harbour Towers Hotel is located right in the center of the city. From your hotel, you can certainly gain access to downtown Victoria, the Inner Harbor and all of the local cultural and scenic attractions. Festivals and fetes - The city has various wonderful fetes hosted all around the city. A number of the more famous fetes include the Winter Farmer Market where admittance is free, the Forest Tea Party, Spring Flings, The Belfry's Spark Festival, The Butchart Gardens Spring Prelude Indoor Garden, Weekend Jazz Programs and the UVic Jazz Orchestra. If you have arranged to visit the city throughout a certain time period, it is important to check the local events calendar and after that book a hotel.

Retired people find the city an enjoyable city to live and retire to due to low criminal activity rate, fantastic climate, proximity to Vancouver as well as wonderful nightlife. The city is a very well-known tourist attraction because of the architecture, weather and also the huge range of amenities. Through peak tourist season, more than 100,000 tourists flock into the city to have the booming nightlife, the marina, world-class shopping and dining amenities. If you are planning to go to the city, ensure that you reserve a room at any of the downtown Victoria accommodations as soon as possible. Peak tourist season is from May to September and many Victoria hotels are generally booked solid.

Taking Advantage of Air Canada Vacations

Canadian geese aren't the only ones who flock towards warmer weather.  Canadian people do too.  As chilling winds howl throughout the countryside, a number of people seek refuge through Air Canada Vacations. These are the smart people.  While it might be fun whipping a snowmobile around hairpin turns and carving a snowboard down the mountain, it's always nice to warm  up a bit.  And, with Air Canada Vacations, you can thaw out for close to nothing.

As the largest airline in Canada and eighth largest in the world, Air Canada knows a thing or two about vacations.  And, with 178 destinations worldwide, it's probably safe to assume you'll get to where you want to go.  But if not, don't worry just yet.  Ironically, Air Canada Vacations also offers trips by sea.

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Vacations are an escape.  And anyone who's endured a Canadian winter knows the importance of an escape.  Who wouldn't exchange a few days in the tundra for a sandy beach, some warm sun, and a few palm trees?  Air Canada Vacations puts this escape at your doorstep.  And it puts it there for a low cost.  Air Canada Vacations is constantly offering travel deals on a number of their destinations.

Even if there's not a specific deal, you can they have dozens of promotional items too.

So, if you're sitting at home this winter, unable to feel your toes dreaming of paradise, be sure to check out Air Canada Vacations.  From one traveler to another, heck from one person to another, this is a trip that you can't pass up.