The Benefits Of Air Canada

Air Canada is Canadas largest national airline and is based out of Montreal. It is primarily a cargo airline ferrying cargo to one hundred and fifty destinations but it also flies passengers to ninety locations also. It's primary base is at Montreal's international airport but it also has hubs in Vancouver and Toronto. Air Canada Jetz is it's premium jet charter service.

Checking in an hour before take off is now compulsory for all internal flights within Canada. If you are travelling on an international flight try to check in two hours in advance and if your heading to the US, allow an hour and a half for check in. Your baggage entitlements with Air Canada is twenty two pounds which is standard for most airlines. Items such as laptops and carryon cases will need to be checked prior to boarding although you have to stick to the allowed dimensions. Depending on the class your flying, your baggage entitlements increase. Economy is allowed to carry up to a maximum of fifty lbs. First class allows you up to seventy lbs. Any excess baggage over your entitlements will incur a charge.

When booking online or when you checkin you will be assigned your seat, it has become pretty much standard practice during the reservations stage. Legroom on flights varies whether it is domestic or international, for international flights it is thirty four inches but it is thirty inches for domestic.

Children younger than two years of age are free to travel on all local flights on condition they travel on the lap of an adult. For international flights, children can also travel on the lap of an adult but they have to pay ten per cent of a standard fare. There are no discount fares for senior citizens but their travelling companions can avail of cheaper fares.

Air Canada's inflight services like food and entertainment has a very good reputation ensuring your flight is always enjoyable. The benefits of of Air Canada have been well documented compared to the other major airlines. Air Canada also has the best safety record of the major airlines which operate from all Canadian domestic and international airports. Air Canada's customer service is also one of the best in the industry and regularly wins awards. When you've considered all the benefits its not difficult to see why people book their flights with Air Canada time and time again.