Outdoor Adventure Travel in Canada

When the snow began to fall, outdoor adventure travel in Canada heats up. Instead of hiding in a room for half a year, there are many things you can do in, on or under the snow. And with most winter adventure just a few hours away from the big city, the adrenaline-junkies don't have to travel far to get their fix.

Take a look at some of the suggestions from the Travel tourist Scenic Canada staff:

Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding-Ski and snowboarding high speed thrills that made downhillers had hoped for more of the white stuff! Vancouver has a Whistler, Calgary, Banff and Montreal has had the Mont Tremblant. And there are many local Hill to Polish the technique at the beginning of the season. The ski season starts in mid November and runs until May. Time, busiest, and most expensive in the ski resort is around Christmas and spring break when the family goes to the Hill in droves. But with the new high-speed ski-lifts, the queue on the Hill is often shorter than the formations in the parking lot and the restaurant.
The best time to go downhill ski midweek when the lift-line is non-existent and the uncrowded runs.
As popular as skiing and Snowboarding are now making more than half of all the downhillers.
Hotel prices usually are cheaper midweek. Ask at the concierge desk if lift tickets can be purchased in advanced, usually at a discount.
Lift-ticket discounts are available early in the season and offer the savings that lasts throughout the ski season.
Cross-country Skiing-not everyone is as brave (or crazy enough) to the string up and slid down the mountain. For those who decline-challenged, try cross-country skiing instead. It's like walking but only more quickly, similar to skating but without falling, similar to walking but not heavy. There are only a few Nordic Center in the country dedicated to cross-country skiing but any trace of snow cover is worth exploring. To get in shape at the beginning of the ski season-, try doing exercises at the local golf courses. Then head to the Interior of a cold day to slide and glide.
Snowmobiling Snowmobiling-fast, fun and exciting. Enjoy a family outing zipping through the snowy fields, sparkling powders and spectacular views. Whizzing along a woodland path is a great way to spend the day, sunny winters of inland Canada. Guided snowmobile tours in Canada available to take along the sledders to places not normally accessible at other times of the year. Ontario alone has more than 30,000 kilometres while the Revelstoke, BC offers 12-18 feet of the white stuff (Yes, feet). The beauty of the calm and the snow maiden and unforgettable.
Skating-Indoor arena is very important to every community in the country's hockey-loving and many also keep outdoor skating areas as well. Calgary has a natural arena at Bowness Park, Winnipeg has a trace sungai 5.7 kilometers and of course, the Rideau Canal, Ottawa has a world heritage site. Enjoy a warm winter in the frozen water channels and brings back memories of childhood playing on the ice.
Snowshoeing-Hiking in Canada doesn't have to end after the snow piling up on the ground. In lieu of the winter season, ski straps on some light and follow in the footsteps of your favorite to see the frozen outback. Snowshoeing is similar to hiking except trekkers can create their own path. The Scrub-brush and trees felled buried under snow flour allows showshoers easily float on top. Taking a more direct route up the Hill, tromp through the bushes and followed the River frozen buried & River to a secret location for the winter.
Winter Camping-rather than packing the tent away for 6 months, try winter camping trip! Die-hard camping can pitch a tent and hunker down for the night spot protected from the wind. Combined with snowshoeing, winter camping calm and uncrowded. Soft snow under the hood to make a comfortable bed. And hot chocolate never tasted so good.
Caving-Caving in Canada warm! Buried deep in the underworld, the Earth's natural warmth continues to the caves at a constant temperature throughout the year, usually around + 5 c. after admission, winter quickly faded as cavers down into the dark and humid channels beneath the surface. Guided providing protective equipment and equipment to take you to a different world from the narrow alleys, mineral deposits and crystal-clear pools. The people who crowded a narrow niche finds actually experience it once-in-a-life-time.