Canada's Top five Travel Ideas-The Lowdown on Traveling in Canada

Let's get one thing out of align offset: Canada. Not just big, in fact, but it's great. Covers nearly 10 million square kilometres (about the size of Europe), Russia is just bigger. So pick five Canada travel ideas are never going to be easy ...

1. City Hop

For sheer variety of its cities, Canada is pretty hard to beat. From the bustling capital city, Ottawa, with the proud political institutions, to Montreal-all ancient history-environment Toronto Vancouver multicultural and groovy, with so much to see and do, traveling in Canada should be all about jumping from one city to the next.

2. Hit the slopes in Whistler

Winter temperatures in Canada can get a bit on the cold side-to say the least! And if it could be bad news for the city, it's very good news indeed for anyone else. Make no mistake, Canada has some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world.

Though right in the whole country there are several options of skiing, Whistler Blackcomb wins hands down. 5,000 acres of downhill slopes (catering for all abilities) and a very good snow may make it seem interesting, but its proximity to Vancouver really make logical choices for tourists who want to go skiing in Canada.

3. Watch a Whale!

To be honest, it's a toss up between a number of animals and natural phenomena. This could just as easily have tried to capture the glacier calving or go polar bear-spotting, but finally it was decided the whale watching!

Whether it's large humpback whales off Newfoundland, or a Killer Whale watching visits from British Columbia, what really could match the spectacle of the world's largest mammals, up to the air-like a giant from the depths-previously, with the flick of a tail, back there again?

4. learning the language

Did the United Kingdom language courses in Canada is one of the best things any tourist non-Anglophone might be able to do. Prices are a little lower than in the u.s., and apart from actually learning the language, you get the opportunity to spend weeks-even months-in one of the fabulous cities of Canada: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa ... choice is a hard one!

And it doesn't have to be the United Kingdom, either: in Montreal (and the rest of Quebec), you can certainly learn French, too!

5. try Trekking in Algonquin Park

Whether it's trekking in Canada, walking, hiking, rambling ... whatever you want to call it, there are enough places on Earth like Canada to be out of bound. Wherever you see a vast stretches of untouched land, far, in every sense of the word paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

And in this case, the Algonquin Park was perfect. Unlike some parts of rural Canada, while it is a remote and picturesque harbour National Park (which includes nearly 8,000 square kilometers) of Toronto and Ottawa stopped him from becoming inaccessible. Walking in the Woods, admiring the amazing views and breathe in the air, the fresh, cool mountain is an experience the best of what Canada has to offer.