Ontario, Canada - Natural Beauty

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The biggest city in Canada is Toronto, and it is chock-full of stuff for you and your family to do.

If you go to the top of the CN tower in a glass elevator, you can look down from it's 1,136 foot peak on the sparkling lights of the city below. As one of the Wonders of the Modern World, it's definitely worth a visit. In September, the International Film Festival takes place in Toronto. The Toronto Zoo, where animals from all over the world can be seen, is another place to visit. The Royal Ontario Museum is found in Toronto, and you can see ancient Egyptian mummies, venture into a real bat cave, and see the huge reconstructed skeletons of dinosaurs. Toronto is also very famous for its amazing wine, delicious food, plenteous shopping, and assortment of bars and clubs around the city.


Niagara Falls is one spot that is definitely worth visiting.

The falls are approximately half a mile long and seventeen stories high and are really breathtaking. Depending on how you feel, there are many ways you can experience the falls. You might have heard of the Maiden of the Mist, the boat that takes you into the falls. The original boat is still running today. Helicopter rides above the falls and the towers surrounding the falls are a drier alternative. Or, you could even explore behind the falls by taking a boat through caves and tunnels.


The Niagara Escarpment is a site declared by UNESCO to be a World Biosphere Region. Some of it's most eye-popping features are the huge white cedars that grow straight out from the escarpment itself. This site weaves all around Ontario for about 450 miles. Because there are tons of parks and conservation areas to visit, you can meet some of the flowers, birds, mammals, and other animals that call this region home.


The gardens of Ontario are world famous, and seeing them firsthand will give you a whole new mindset on nature. Communities in Bloom is a program established in Ontario that is completely non-profit. It's main directive is bringing flowers and plants to communities around the Province in order to make them more naturally beautiful. What all this means is, simply driving through the towns of Ontario is guaranteed to be beautiful. Burlington's Royal Botanical Gardens is a place where an explosion of color and life happens in the spring. Even the historic homes, city parks, and the wilds of Niagara are full of blooming flowers.