Ideas For Canada Tour Packages

Getting away, relaxing and seeing some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable is all part of Canada tour packages. These packages are designed to highlight the natural beauty of the country while also giving you options to take in some cultural activities, sporting events and the major cities throughout the country. There are even romantic getaways perfect for couples, newlyweds and those who just want a bit of time to themselves.

Canada tour packages are certainly not all alike. There are options for a variety of different travel across the Great White North including driving holidays, motorcoach tours and train vacations. It is also possible to combine various packages to include several different types of transportation depending on how much or how little time you want to spend in one location. Although different options are available there really are some not to be missed packages that are perfect for anyone.

Train vacations are just a part of life for Canadians, particularly through the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia as well as from Montreal to the Maritimes.

The train vacation packages are designed to allow you to see some of the wildest and most beautiful scenery possible, largely untouched by man through much of the journey. The trains are completely modernized with award winning dining cars, incredible sightseeing cars and luxurious sleeping cars that are really a home away from home. These tours vary in time from a few days to more than a week, each focusing on different towns, cities and beautiful sightseeing opportunities. Train travel options can be combined with other types of tours and there are stops in major cities and attractions to allow you to explore the area.

Canada tour packages may also include bus tours, also known as motorcoach travel. These, like the train tours, tend to focus on specific natural sights as well as cities and events. The motorcoach is very comfortable and stops along the way for breaks, meals and sightseeing and photography opportunities. Some of the bus tours allow for trips to local wineries, gardens, cultural events, museums and natural attractions. Bus drivers are able to provide information on various attractions, historical facts and information that keeps the trips informative and interesting. Hotels are all pre-booked on the trip, which makes this a great option for a romantic getaway or a single person that just wants to get out and explore the country.

Specific types of tour packages around different cultural or sports activities are also popular. Skiing tours through Alberta and British Columbia are terrific in the winter and take all the stress out of driving through the Rockies and beyond. Favorite vacations include Banff, Jasper and Whistler resorts. In the summer golf vacations through western and eastern provinces are hugely popular and provide options for golfing at some of the finest clubs across the country. The Calgary Stampede tour is always a great summer event and one that is ideal for the entire family.

The biggest problem with Canada tour packages is choosing which of the trips you want to take this year. With a wide variety of options to travel and tours in all provinces, making the decision to take more than one trip may be the only option you have. Booking your tour early is highly recommended as these trips do fill up quickly.