Travel Portals: Future Travel Agencies

A travel portal provides you all solutions to your traveling requirements. Traveling portals are run by tourist agencies. You can find details of all tour packages offered by traveling companies on their portals. There, you will also find the list of destinations for which the traveling company offer services. You will also find important informations about various destinations. Travel portals have bright future. In this age of Internet, when people like to do shopping from their homes by ordering online, why anyone would like to visit a tour and traveling company only to know about its various packages?

In travel industry around a decade ago, travel agents earned good revenue selling travel solutions by establishing links with airlines and hotels. Today, the scene has changed. Most of the deals happen through Internet. Hotels, Airlines and other facilities can also be reserved online. They are also in touch with travel portals.

Online travel portals have an upper hand over conventional travel agents on costs as well. The traditional travel agents required more manpower and bigger investments to flourish their business where as an online portal can get in touch with the whole world through a single domain purchase. However, the tough competition among online travel portals have reduced intermediary commission rates thus offering more advantage to customers.

Travel portals are also good because of the reason that people get many information without querying anything. You get information about prestigious luxury hotels, affordable hotels and various rates of domestic and International Airlines. There may be different kinds of travel portals. Some dealing only in domestic tourism whereas, some in International tourism. While searching Internet, I found very informative about the tourism industry.