Best Honeymoon Destinations in Canada

Canada is the biggest country in the American continent and the second biggest one in the entire world. It is also definitely one of the wealthiest and most interesting ones and even though population is not as dense as other big countries, Canada has a big number of crowded cities where cultural and entertainment life is really amazing.


With its capitol city in Ottawa, Canada's largest city is Toronto and what is great about Canada is that its peculiar history in which mostly native, British and French elements have taken place is the reason why you have some cities where English is the main language and some others where that language is French.

This gives us an idea of how rich and fantastic Canadian culture is as a mix of several heritages and elements that blend together in the most refined and harmonic ways.


Among Canada's most important cities you have Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec, Winnipeg, Halifax and Saint John among many others. Most of them are located near the frontier with the United States since most of the upper north of Canada has a severe climate that does not help permanent inhabitation.


Even though it is usually believed that Canada is an extreme cold place, you can still enjoy hot summers and mild winters depending on where you are. However, there are some cities where temperatures in winter may go down to -40º C. It will always vary on where you are standing so please check this before actually traveling to any Canadian city.


Canada offers honeymooners lots of leisure to enjoy. In the first place, the west coast where the British Columbia is, is among Canada's most important touristic centers since you can find there not only beautiful cities, but also ski centers, rocky mountains and rainforests. This is a great place to enjoy together because most of these landscapes are perfect to fall in love with.


In the Ontario region you can enjoy the capitol city and the largest Canadian city (Toronto) as well as the amazing Niagara Falls and a truly diverse offer of eating and cultural places.


Finally, the city of Quebec is to some the most romantic honeymoon destination in Canada since this French speaking city reminisces quite a lot the beautiful France and there you will find amazing and historical sites to enjoy together as well as a highly developed cultural and entertainment life.


Some useful tips which will help you to plan for a Honeymoon in Canada are described below:


The most important thing is to decide the budget for the honeymoon. While deciding the budget, you should also take into consideration some extra money which will help you to take up some extra activities during the honeymoon or for purchasing some surprise gift items during the trip for your life partner.


The next step is to research online about the popular destinations in Canada, honeymoon cruises and the overall expenses, the resorts, hotels and other activities which are available in the various Canada honeymoon packages and opt for the best one. It will also provide you additional details about the region, its climate, best time to visit and the popular destinations for honeymoon which will help in the planning process.


You should search on the internet or get in touch with your travel agent about the best deals. They will provide you information about the discounts, overall travel expenses and tips which will help you to save money during the honeymoon trip. You can opt for all inclusive honeymoon packages in Canada.


Select the destination and make the necessary booking in advance. The best option is to go for hotels which would offer you all the required amenities and also offer you some intimate or romantic settings as per your ideas to spend time with your life partner. Besides these other options available are beach resorts which also would provide you excellent facilities for your honeymoon.


If you are looking out for some special, private and romantic time to be spent together then opt for the special bridal suites or honeymoon suites and make the necessary advance bookings. It would be a wonderful experience and would provide you a honeymoon you have always dreamt of.


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Canada honeymoons- top spots

Quebec City- Rated among the top cities in the USA which is visited by the honeymooners, the honeymoon in Quebec City of Canada can be fun. The place is rich in history and the flavor of ancient Europe. The intimate cafes and horse rides through the stone-walled city is particularly what you would enjoy together. The Italian restaurant Le Saint Amour is popular among French honeymooners.


Niagara Falls- Needless to say, nature lovers are sure to make their first stop at the Niagara Falls. The resorts located around the Niagara Falls boasts of offering romantic tourists the best views of the falls. You can spend great time at the Casinos here. The party just goes on here.


Cape Breton- If city life is not the cup of tea for both of you, try the Cape Breton. An escape to this place will leave you mesmerized. You would just forget to check on your cell phones as well! Cape Breton is famous for the Celtic heritage. The Cabot Trail drive in Cape Breton is stunning during the autumn months. Check into any of the cafes there and savor a meal of lobsters.


Banff- The Banff in Canada serves romance throughout the year. You can get cozy at any of the hot springs there or spend quiet moments at the town cabins. This Alberta town is bordered with the Canadian Rockies. Canada honeymoons are incomplete without visiting this lover's paradise.


Montreal- Those loving metropolitan culture, clubs, and parties would not wish to go anywhere else in Canada. Montreal offers the best dining and entertainment options. The waterside zone region of Old Montreal is an ancient place ripe with romance. To experience ideal romance, check into the John& Yoko suite or take a walk to the Mount Royal in the evenings.