Travel Overview of USA

It is almost impossible to overstate North America’s staggering achievements over the last fifty or so years. The USA is the richest and most powerful country the world has ever seen, accounting for around a third of the world’s GNI, while Canada has long been the standard by which the world’s quality of life is judged. The two countries rank third and eleventh respectively in terms of visitor arrivals, accounting for nearly 10% of the world’s total. Their combined expenditure on foreign travel is 12% more than Germany’s and their combined travel and tourism receipts nearly twice those of Spain. Recent surveys indicate an increasing desire to travel and, now that the regional economy has recovered from the darker days of the early 2000’s, an increasing ability to do so. The travel business has without doubt been through a time of flux in recent years, but few industries, and few parts of the world, have a better record of adapting to change.

Travel to USA and Canada in 2005 increased by 4.1% compared to 2004, rather less than the world average but respectable for such a mature market.

Prospects of 2006 and beyond are encouraging and involve what the WTO describes as the release of pent up demand. In 2006, visitors to the US are expected to top the 50 million mark, many surveys suggest that American’s desire to travel abroad is also on the increase, and this may also reach a six year in 2006.

Florida the image is mainly one of sun drenched pleasure centering on beaches and theme parks. Strength is golf: the state has over 1000 courses. Florida received nearly 80 million visitors (domestic and international) in 2004, and the industry directly supports over 900,000 jobs.

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