Electric Bikes in Canada

The world is seeing an exponential rise in the number of vehicles running on fossil fuels and as a result of it these non-renewable energy sources are getting depleted at an alarming rate. Also the emission from these vehicles is a cause of concern for environmentalists and various national agencies around the world around the world since they contribute significantly to global warming phenomenon. The rise in the world’s population along with the crowding of the roadways has contributed significantly to the increasing popularity of the electric bikes. The electric bikes started seeing a rapid growth from around 1998 only even though they have been there in some form or the other from as early as the last decade of the nineteenth century. Electric bikes Canada are fast becoming quite popular as an alternative means of transport over a short distance or for running errands to many.

Electric bikes Canada are limited to an output of 500w in seven of the eight provinces.

In addition to that they are not allowed to go at a speed of more than 20mph. But these electric bikes are allowed an output of 750w and to travel at a speed of 35mph in the state of Alberta. Thus Alberta is becoming quite a favorite place for those who want to drive electric bikes in Canada.

While choosing the best electric bikes Canada one must take into consideration several criteria. Firstly, the position of the motor is quite essential for riding comfort. Motors that are positioned at the front or the back cannot give a comfortable ride and feel awkward to drive. Motors that are placed in the middle can provide a more stable, comfortable and fun ride because of a more evenly weight distribution.

While purchasing an electric bike always prefer those that are easy to assemble with the manufacturer having assembled the most. Since the battery is the core of an electric bike, always go for lithium ion batteries since they are best for these bikes.

While considering buying an electric bike Canada, one must be very selective about the vendor as well. This will help you in buying electric bikes that are quality products with superior build quality as well as great after sales customer support. Quality vendors will offer warranties and guarantees for their bikes and the various spare parts. One of the companies that sell electric bikes all over Canada is emmo.ca.