India Travel Guide ( Traveling to India ? Travel Alert Issued )

For a person who adores traveling, discovering new places, India is like a haven for them. However, those who are not a frequent explorer would only leave their nest if the place is really special and mesmerizing. Well, in that case, India Travel is a very enthralling country with lots of incredible things to do.  India the beautiful place full of love, kindness, culture, tradition, pre-historic monuments, art and adventure is delighted to welcome its privileged guests.

Further, India is a place for tourist with Rocky Mountains, desolated deserts, ancient monuments and long length beaches. Every state, here has their own tradition and nearly every region has engraved their own traditional niche. From time immemorial, the country was ruled by many rulers and each state of India holds monuments of diverse era with uniformly variegated structure.

Most of the people love to travel to India to taste the Indian rich heritage and history.

If you are planning to visit India in the near future, here are a few amazing places which you can always opt for a little fun and adventure: Indian Beaches: Without a doubt, India is the first choice of tourists, when it comes to beaches. Indian beaches are popularly known for its exquisiteness and thrilling activities. These beaches are on its best on dawn and sunsets. Some of the leading options of beach travel in India are the stunning costs of Goa, where the sandy beaches of Anjuna, baga and Dona have something amazing for each and every tourist. After having a fun time in Goa beaches, it’s time to move a little towards southern India where Kerala beaches are waiting you.

Alappuzha, Kovalam and Fort Kochi are the famous beaches of Kerala, which not only focus on the visitors but also provide amazing entertaining activities to them. 

Taj Mahal: The symbol of eternal love is one of the best monuments of the planet. Tourists from all over the world, visit Agra to capture the beauty of this striking white marble building. Built in the reminiscence of Mumtaz, Taj has bagged its name in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. The place is a must-watch for everybody.

Pushkar fair: One of the most thrilling fair of India, Pushkar Fair gives way to amazing activities. In the month of November, Pushkar comes alive with its gleaming colors of joys and lively happenings. Millions of travelers visit India to become a part of this exciting fair. Besides, Pushkar fair, Rajasthan is also famous for its camel safaris and wildlife. Taking you across the sunny Thar Desert of Rajasthan, Camel safaris mostly held in Jaisalmer. So, if you want to experience the true color of India, mark you present in this marvelous festival. 

The Himalaya: if you are a true adventure lover, Himalaya is the perfect choice for you. This beautiful mountain range is popular for adventurous sports like trekking, skiing, mountaineering and many more.

Reading this article, might have made you fallen in love with India. If yes, then without wasting too much time, pack your bags and get ready to have an experience of your lifetime .