Outdoor Adventures in Canada ? Coast to Coast

Canada is a fantastic place to have a holiday. It has so many things, cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, fantastic artwork, friendly people and halfway decent food. It also has some of the very best outdoor adventures and there are plenty of things to do. Let’s take a look, starting in the east and working our way westwards through this enormous country.

If you head to Newfoundland or Halifax you will find a harsh, rainy place reminiscent of Scotland. This gorgeous area is best explored by car, yet you can also take to the seas and head out on a fishing boat for some deep-sea fishing. This is a great way to combine the outdoors with great, soon to be caught, food.

Moving on to Quebec you are entering a land of rivers. The Ottawa and St Lawrence Rivers are huge waterways that you can explore by canoe or boat – these adventures will take you through beautiful surroundings where you can really relax.

Into Ontario and it’s all about lakes: book a lake side cottage in Muskoka or the Haliburton Highlands and sit on the dock, go for a canoe or swim in the gorgeous, pristine lakes.
Moving further west, across the prairies and into Alberta you will find an amazing, wide-open place perfect for adventures. You can spot moose and bears as you hike through this lush part of the world, where forests are broken up by jagged mountains and ice blue lakes. This is also a great place to do some skiing.

Outdoor adventures in Canada are truly at their best in British Columbia. This moderate, friendly place is full of mountains, dense forests and lakes. With scenery as dramatic as New Zealand it is great for hiking, yet also offers amazing fishing, skiing and water sports. Go for a sail into the Pacific Ocean and hit up Vancouver Island, a lovely place that has all the usual fare, just at a slower pace.

Canada is a truly marvellous country for those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors. This owes to the Canadian love of the outdoors and the sheer expanse of this massive country. As the second largest country in the world, there is literally something for everyone. The best way to start your adventure is by flying into its largest city, Toronto. Click here for flights to Toronto, or check out services that will take you to Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal or Vancouver, the country’s other major cities.