Learn more about Snowbird Insurance Canada

Snowbird is a term used to identify seniors who live in their hometown during the summer and spring seasons but when it snows they are enjoying the warmth and sunshine some place south all through autumn and winter. These people are known as Snowbirds and their most popular destination is said to be Florida with Texas following closely behind. There will be others who prefer New Mexico or Arizona. With the majority of hospitals in America asking for direct payments or deposits for services they provide to foreign patients, out-of-country medical insurance was never more important to Canadian snowbirds.  And so, the Canada Snowbird Insurance came into existence. Snowbirds who are heading to Florida or Arizona can cut off as much as 25% of their travel insurance costs by making use of pre-designated clinics and hospitals when faced with medical emergencies if they opt for Snowbird Insurance Canada.

Although the national law necessitates that all American hospitals must treat medical emergencies without looking at the patient's ability to make payment and irrespective of whether they have insurance or not, it does not limit them from asking for considerable deposits or commitments to pay the bills directly.

No doubt you will be treated and the service provided will be good whether you make the deposit or not but if you do not have any more than just a local government health plan they will follow up for payment. Hence it is wise to opt for the Snowbird Insurance Canada. If you have a private supplemental coverage and you inform the insurer as soon as you enter the hospital or even before you get there if possible, insurers like Canada Snowbird Insurance can get involved and assist in deflecting the demands made by the hospital.

However, the policy you have with Snowbird Insurance Canada must meet their requirements for instantaneous notification. Yet you will be asked to sign a commitment that you will pay off the bills submitted to you by the doctors and the hospital  treating you in case your insurer does not do so but is just like any American resident has to do anyway; it is one of their routine procedures. But you will be treated for any medical emergency irrespective of that.

Even the non-profit American hospitals must make ends meet unlike the hospitals in Canada which are largely financed by tax revenues allotted by the government. If they make losses then they will be forced to close down. At the moment, the majority of American hospitals are operating in a narrow profit margin of just three to four percent. Canada Snowbird Insurance will prevent you from spending in thousands in case you need emergency medical aid when out of the country. Although the state run Medicaid and Medicare payments account for 80 percent of the operating costs the balance needs to be recovered to pay for the latest technology, specialized doctors, etc. So payments will be made through insurance policies like Snowbird Insurance Canada which is just a fraction of what you would actually pay for the same treatment if you had no insurance.