Canada Northern Pike Fishing

Now Canada is the most preferable place to catch the largest Northern Pike fish. The amount of Pike fish caught has been increased in the last two years. Whether you are a citizen of Canada or a tourist, you will enjoy the Canada northern pike fishing event which can very well be a wonderful memory of your life. A pike of 50 inches long and 30 pounds weight was caught in 2005 which is still holding the record as the largest catch.
Fishing is popular all over the world. It is really hard to find someone who doesnt enjoy fishing. A lot of people dedicate their leisure for fishing. They travel various places just to get some exotic fishing experience. If you are one of those enthusiasts, Canada northern pike fishing is one thing that you cannot miss. It will be the crown jewel in your fishing diary.

The Northern Pike fish found in Canada is the most aggressive and largest when compared with pikes found in other places. The average weight of a pike fish is 20 pounds and the trophy catches have been identified as nearing 30 pounds of weight. So once you set up your mind to go for fishing in Canada, dont forget to take the best fishing equipment with you.

While choosing equipment, consider the stout tackle and heavy bait casting rods of 6' to 8' long. You should choose large spinning or open face bait casting reel before you start fishing. Try to buy strong wire so that there might be no more option of line breaking. Pikes are not just easy pickings, you must prepare well for them.

After having assurance of above issues, you have to locate an appropriate point to catch some of the precise pikes. In the spring these can be found in shallow water, in the summer they can be found in comparatively deep water and in both kind of water in the fall. Basically running water is the best source to find them. It would be wise to study a few things about Canada pike fishing before you start your adventure.

Just make certain that you have possibly the best bait if you want to catch some of the largest pikes. The bait that is one fourth of the length of the fish is the perfect one for catching the biggest fish. To catch some giant pikes you have to use Liquid Power Bait. Frogs are also used as bait. Tempting baits together with powerful equipment will be a perfect combination for catching some large pikes. Who knows, with all the proper preparations, next season you might be the lucky winner of the trophy.

Canada is the desired land to catch the largest pike fish. Suitable place and the time of the season play a very important role concerning this matter. Your ability to purchase best gear is one of the major factors also. Some magnificent fish trip packages are organized in Canada throughout the year. So make your time for moving forward to Canada northern pike fishing and enjoy one of the best fishing events of your life.