Driving from Canada to Mexico: What to Bring!

All too often, people cave in and buy expensive airline tickets in order to visit Mexico from Canada. Most of the time, they think that making the journey by car is simply too daunting. Theres no question that any drive from Canada to Mexico is going to be a long one, but by equipping yourself properly, the journey can be surprisingly pleasant, and can seem a whole lot shorter than it really is. The following checklist will let you get as prepared as possible for your drive down to sunny Mexico.

1. Mexican Car Insurance

Canada and U.S. based car insurance policies are void south of the border. Theres no way around it: You need Mexican auto insurance for Canadians. Go online and find the Mexican insurance for Canadians that will work for you.

Mexican car insurance for Canadians is really cheap. The money that you save by driving will more than make up for the expense of Mexican auto insurance for Canadians. Print out your Mexican insurance for Canadians and be on your way!

2. Maps And/Or GPS

If you dont have a GPS, plan your route from Canada to Mexico ahead of time. Use the Internet to look for possible road construction or other issues; come up with detours as necessary. By avoiding major snafus like construction, your drive will be a lot less stressful. Most GPS systems include detour features that let you steer clear of major problems.

3. Books, Movies and Games

These items are especially important if youre traveling with kids. Pack up a selection of books, movies and games. Dont make them all available from the get go though, hand them out a few at a time. As kids, or grown ups, get bored, take new items out. For this long of a drive, its well worth it to invest in a portable DVD player; you could also bring a laptop along and use it to watch movies.

4. Food and Drinks

The fewer times that you have to stop during your journey from Canada to Mexico, the better. Try to coordinate bathroom breaks with fuel ups. More importantly, bring along a cooler and stock it with plenty of bottled water and other beverages. Buy an assortment of snacks, including fruit, and keep it at the ready. By not stopping for snacks frequently, youll save money and time.

5. Blankets and Pillows

Theres something comforting about bringing along a trusted old pillow for a long car ride. Have each person select and bring along their favorite blanket and pillow. If possible, give everyone regular opportunities to stretch out and snooze. Nothing makes a drive go by faster than conking out for a bit! Driving from Canada to Mexico: What to bring!