Visa for Canada and Living in Canada

You need a visa to enterCanadaand the requirements and processing for your visa depends on what type of visa you require. There are different types of visa which include:

The work visa category allows highly skilled applicants with transferable skills to live and work inCanadaas a permanent resident.

Temporary work visa: it is designed to fill Labour shortages by granting applicants with specific skills in demand temporary residence inCanada.

Canadian federal skilled visa: this visa enables skilled migrants to live and work inCanadaand is based on a point system.

Student visa: this is for students who wish to study inCanadafor more than 6 months.


Travel visa: it is for tourists, organ donors and business people who wish to travel toCanadafor a short stay.

Working holiday visa: allows young people between the ages of 18-35 from eligible countries to exploreCanadafor a period of up to 24 months.

Business visas: it is designed for individuals seeking to establish or invest in a business to create growth inCanadaeconomy.

Family visa: it is established to reunite family members living with their Canadian family.

Citizenship: allows permanent residents and persons with certain ties toCanadato become Canadian citizens.


Canadians are very hospitable and welcoming people and it is the world second largest country.

The majorities of people living inCanadaare very tolerant and follow a live and let live philosophy. The cost of living inCanadais lower than in other countries. Canadahas traditionally offered its residents some of the cheapest housing in the developed world. The country has huge forests and timber readily available as a building material. Most families earning normal incomes can afford to live in large detached houses. Jobs are available and in demand to those who have skills.


Foreigners living in Canada enjoy a very high quality of life, with rising wages and a strengthening currency that have pushed Canada average wage higher than other countries. TheCanadaeconomy has been strongly boosted in recent years, with strong demand fromAsiafor its mineral reserves. It's ranked as one of the world best countries to live in. The basis of this is good healthcare, good schools, low crime, clean cities and a general quality life. Most parts of theCanadahave continental styles climate with hot summers and cold snowy winters. Living inCanadaoffers plentiful outdoor activities in summer and winter.