Do Not Forget to Buy Health & Travel Insurance before Leaving in Canada

Canada, the second largest country in the world (in terms of total area), receives large numbers of expats from all over the world. The immigration laws in the country are less complex in comparison to other developed countries in the world and it persuades individuals to immigrate to the country.

The country is equipped with the best facilities be it in the field of education, healthcare, or real estate and expats do not face any problem during their stay in the country. On top of these top-notch facilities, expats can easily come across individuals from their own country and culture. Yes, Canada is popularly referred to as a “Cultural Mosaic” and it is common to find expats with diverse origins.

Doubtlessly, Canadian Government is not biased towards the expats and most of the expats living in the country would enjoy similar services like other Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

However, when it comes to public health care sector then expats might feel left behind. The public healthcare sector popularly known as Medicare offers free services only to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. This is why you must carry an expatriate health insurance with you. This kind of insurance policy would cover all the expenses incurred on health related issues while staying in the country.

Expats relocating to Canada should take a note of the fact that they can apply for State Medical Card, which makes them eligible for getting a few free medical facilities at Medicare. Well, getting this card does not mean that your expatriate health insurance goes waste.

Some of the services that are usually covered by insurance policy and not State Medical Card include ambulance services, prescription drugs, dental services, prescription glasses, private rooms in the hospital and a few more.

Another problem faced commonly by expats relocating to Canada is during the shipping of their personal belongings. Two major ports are available in the country and expat travel insurance would be a good choice for delivering products safely.

Whether one is buying medical insurance or health insurance, it is always better to take help of experts who can advise you on choosing the best insurance plan. Also, if you choose a good consulting company then the chances of coming across a reputed insurance company are high. Most of these consulting companies are working online and it would not be difficult to locate one for you. So, get ready to relocate to world’s one of the best countries and enjoy the years coming ahead.