Why travel on Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the oldest airlines in the world. They offer five flights from Canada direct to Germany. They began operating from Canada in 1956, and with their partner, Air Canada, offer many flights to most European cities. The top ten destinations from Canada are Germany, and connections to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. They also offer one-stop service from Canada to seven cities in India. They are one of the largest European carriers serving India. The only Lufthansa aircraft with a non-German name is an Airbus A340-300 named "Gander-Halifax" to recognize the generosity of Canadians during the disruptions following 9/11.

Lufthansa understands that flying on a transoceanic flight can be stressful for children and their parents. They have a JetFriends club for children and teens. Membership includes mileage points in Lufthansa's loyalty program for the child or teen.

They also receive a membership card, access to a members-only website, games, networking with travelers in other countries, and information about aircraft, clouds, how planes stay in the air, careers in the airline industry. Games and cards are available on board for children. Other services available to parents are baby cots for long flights, children's menus, seat restraints. A long flight is probably better at night when traveling with young children. They are more likely to sleep and arrive rested.

When looking for cheap tickets, no matter where your destination, check online discount travel sites. These sites search thousands of flights, and can combine airlines to book the flights that are close to your desired departure and arrival times, stops, and budget. You are more likely to find cheap tickets if you plan your trip mid-week rather than a weekend. Fares on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are generally lower than Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Those are prime times for a quick get-away, so if you can plan to leave on Thursday, return on Tuesday you will likely find lower fares. You might also consider flying off-season, especially for a Europe or sun destinations. Shoulder season, the month before and after peak season, will be less expensive not only for your flight, but hotels will have lower rates. Restaurants and attractions will be less crowded and most likely the weather will still be pleasant.

Another consideration when searching cheap tickets is the number of stops, or plane changes on the route. An itinerary with stops is usually less expensive than a non-stop flight. Traveling the "red-eye" overnight is also another tactic for securing a lower fare. Don't rule out that late night flight; airlines dim the lights, and will wake you when the plane is on approach to the destination airport. Many will come around with towels so you can freshen up before landing.

If you are planning a trip to Europe, Lufthansa would be a great choice, with their experience and reputation. They are expert at making passengers comfortable and taking the stress out of long flights. Find Lufthansa flights at an online travel site for cheap tickets.